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Susan Hubele Artist “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”              Georgia O’Keeffe

Susan Hubele has her home and studio in Vancouver British Columbia Canada where she has lived for the past decade. A dual citizen, she was born in Great Falls, Montana and set foot in 48 states before immigrating to Canada in her twenties. She has enjoyed living in the foothills near Calgary and on the beach in Roberts Creek. Susan is a 3rd generation potter and her family was immersed in the arts. She and her musician/songwriter husband Robert Hubele have passed the legacy to her children. Aesthetics and beauty continued to be the cornerstone of her family’s environment. Always drawing and painting as a child, at age eight she began working alongside her grandmother in clay, creating practical vessel and sculptures of the imagination. Her mother was on the first board of the Montana Institute of the Arts and studied painting and ceramics at University of Montana. Her father was an architect who designed and physically built every house the family ever lived in. Along with an early passion for being creative was her passion for horses and the out-of-doors. This has remained a constant throughout her life, and Susan has spent countless happy hours in nature observing and working with horses. This intimate knowledge of the equine world has always been the dominant theme in her art. Susan went on to study art and ceramics in high school near Sacramento, California. Susan received a BA in Design from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied with Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson and Peter Voulkos. She also is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art, earning a Diploma of Applied Arts, Pottery & Ceramics. The experience of decorating her ceramic works in a very painterly, textural manner led to a desire for more immediacy in her method of expression. This was satisfied through her exploration of painting beginning in 2003 which she now uses exclusively in her work. A Natural Progression | Susan HubeleExhibits include:

  • A Natural Progression Gibsons Public Art Gallery Gibsons, British Columbia Canada October 2006 2 person show of her paintings
  • The Natural World (Juried) Hycroft Gallery Vancouver, British Columbia Canada August 2012 2 person show of her paintings