• Air of Heaven
  • Picture From My Window
  • Book of Love
  • Homeward Bound II
  • Borrowed Light I Ocean Series
  • Arabian Mist
  • English Bay Sunset
  • Homeward Bound Dyptich
  • Lucky
  • Red and Bronze Flower I
  • Ranch Memories


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Susan Hubele is a Canadian artist who paints colorful contemporary abstract mixed media painting. This Vancouver British Columbia painter adds multiple layers of sheer color, along with textural elements, gold and silver leaf and photograph images to her canvases.

Susan Hubele - Painting ArtistARTIST STATEMENT

Two passions – nature and horses – nurture my creativity and provide subject matter. In my art I want to offer a window into the beauty and mystery of the natural world, to portray the lively exuberance of nature caught in a moment of time – sumptuously poised between the peak of perfection and the exquisitely ordained decline.

The completed painting is the joyous appreciation of that moment. It is there from the start, waiting to be revealed. I build the painting intuitively, reacting to the multiple layers of sheer color, textures and images as they combine to create depth and intrigue.

Colours seem to correspond with the season – drawing from the color palette of what I see along the coast outside my studio window as I paint, or on what I see during walks along the beach and on horseback along the trails. Often a base of gold and silver leaf acts to reflect the light source, creating mysterious and constantly changing images related to the ambient natural light.

Susan Hubele Resting with TokenAs an artist, I have confidence in the process. I am always excited to see what is revealed in the completed painting. At times, powerful personal images appear, such as an angel or a dog, which I hadn’t been aware of while painting.

I strive to infuse all my art with the heightened sensuality of being ‘in the moment’. Through colour and texture, and by combining the abstract with the real, my intention is to give the viewer a new way to experience joy and beauty in their everyday life.


“Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.” Winston Churchill

“Paintings come out of themselves.” Lawren Harris